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We have complete detection means the company is able to take all the gear in cold and hot processing of process indicators and the use of performance testing and inspection projects.
"Sormor" has its own testing center to evaluate new products quality class before entering the market. We now have in a good management system to guarantee the production quality with the ISO9001 and TS16949 as it's management system.
We have inspection stations set up outside the company responsible for forging, precision car semi-finished products, purchased items for examination.
Inspection stations have become the company responsible for the implementation of product testing before leaving the factory, to provide test efficiency, the company established a production line, assembly line work to achieve the finished product testing.
The company has central laboratory dedicated to testing of raw materials, internal quality testing, with the United States produced by Thermo Electron spectrometer, imported high-precision optical microscope, imported high-resolution separation of alloying elements and other sophisticated detection equipment. Burn detection built production lines, cleanliness pilot production lines, can be cleanliness test, burn test, chemical composition tests, spectral analysis, raw materials, low magnification inspection, raw materials, high-powered organization to test, internal microstructure examination, the surface hardness testing, etc..
Companies are equipped with sophisticated measuring chamber, with the German Klingender produced world-class precision gear automatic detector P26, P40, then P26 for the domestic first introduced. United Kingdom Taylor produced a world-class cylindrical degrees (roundness) detection instrument, such as contour degree of roughness detector test equipment. According to DIN standards, ISO standards for the gear all the precision of testing. Degree can be cylindrical, roundness, contour, roughness, location, degree, and all other geometric tolerance testing.
In the production line set up automatic detection of high precision dimensional measuring instrument, projectors, digital micrometer, electronic column Casey regulations, Special Inspection Tool, automatic dual-Nay instrument and other equipment and measuring tools, you can take a variety of high-precision manufacturing process geometry test. Measuring and testing equipment being used in production and in goods reception are listed bellows:

Life Testing Equipment
Length Instrument
Metallographic Microscope
Vibration Instrument
Hardness Gauge
Measuring Projector
Coarseness Test Device for Surface


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