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Sormor Clutch Pulley TEST REPORT

Test Equipment:

The tester controlled by PLC and Variable-Frequency Motor, to simulate operating condition of alternator. See picture 1.

Picture 1


Test Spec:

Set up: Room temperature, Keep belt tension 100N. Turn on motor and clutch pulley will reach 5000RPM in 2 second. Dwell 5000RPM for 6 second, accelerate to 15000RPM in 2 second, dwell 15000RPM for 4 second, decelerate to 5000RPM in 2 second. Dwell in 5000RPM to repeat the next cycle. One cycle take 14 second and total 100000 cycles required. Test spec profile see picture 2.

Picture 2


Test sample:

Alternator P12 with clutch pulley of SL8617007.6

Test record:

One hour later, the clutch pulley temperature rise to 45-60, run well and temperature stabilized.100000 cycles (about 450 hours) later, run well, after tear down, no obvious wear. Refer to the below pictures.

Picture 3 (Tester display 100000 cycles)

Picture 4 (Assembly clutch pulley before test)

Picture 5(Support ball bearing before test)

Picture 6(Surface of needle bearing with one way narrow sign before test)

Picture 7(needle bearing with one way narrow sign before test)

Picture 8 (Tear down clutch pulley after 100K cycles)

Picture 9(Support ball bearing after 100K cycles)

Picture 10(Surface of needle bearing with one narrow sign and ball bearing after 100K cycles)

Picture 11(needle bearing with one way narrow sign after 100K cycles)



Shenli clutch pulley can meet the requirement of 5000 to 15000RPM speed shock test.

Shenli mentioned their clutch pulley may not meet 19000RPM speed shock test.

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