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Car to the countryside policies

At 07:04 on the April 2, 2010

China Securities Journal, I want to comment on cattle Hong Jun (0) Font Size: T | T [REVIEW]

"car to the countryside" has been over a year ago. Benefit from the "car to the countryside" and the reduction of the preferential policy, domestic micro-car in 2009, jumped 74% year on year, which stimulate domestic demand, stabilize the economy productive. However, the policy is still ahead of care support.
"Car to the countryside" has been over a year ago. Benefit from the "car to the countryside" and the reduction of the preferential policy, domestic micro-car in 2009, jumped 74% year over year, is the fastest growing market segment. Contribution of micro-vehicle sales in domestic automobile enterprises directly determine the order of precedence, SAIC, Chang'an vehicles due to micro-help, success of the sales charts, respectively the first and fourth leading position.

Analysts pointed out that the "car to the countryside" achieved remarkable results, can not do without care policy, should the further consolidate the "car to the countryside" results, not only vehicles for the rural market enterprises to introduce more cost-effective models, but also require policy further care.

At present, the rural faced with upgrading of transport, motorcycles, tricycles has been difficult to meet are set out in greater demand for more and more goods, while the micro-car just to meet this demand, not only a large space, and the price concentrated in the 3,4-million, cost-effective high; In addition, the way "villages" are more convenient micro car in the rural market promotion. On the one hand there is consumer demand to upgrade the one hand, policy has strongly promoted, so that car to the countryside to obtain good results.

Because rural consumers a higher degree of price-sensitive, although this year's "car to the countryside" policy has continued, but the acquisition rate has begun to reduce the tax concession, transferred from 5% to 7.5%, which makes a quarter of "car to the countryside" performance unsatisfactory. Of course, this situation occurs, in part because consumers worried about the rural end of last year "car to the countryside" policy cancellation crazy car to advance the purchasing power this year, but more importantly, reduce the purchase tax discount rate, so that buyers costs about 1,000 yuan higher than this price of 1,000 yuan for car buyers in the 3-4 million, that was more concerned about.

Currently, the state tax incentives on the purchase of basic to the city's car-based, no specific classification for the rural market policy. In contrast to Japan, then to the micro-car for a special preferential policies, in addition to tax and the need to pay the premium compact cars, car inspection fees are separate from other charges other than the special rules set, this impact, the micro- cars in Japan have one-third of the world. General Manager of Changan Automobile sales Luozhi Long also said that if the 1.0 liters the following micro-car purchase tax abolished, then it will greatly stimulate the micro-car consumers.

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And while "car to the countryside" policy in the redemption subsidies earlier this year has been a corresponding increase, but the effect is still not obvious. Last year's car "TM" before the implementation, although the state will subsidize the capital increase to 50 billion, the Commerce Department also is expected in 2009 China will reach 2.7 million cars scrapped, but according to statistics, last year, "TM" subsidies to only 200 million yuan to subsidize the vehicle not more than 60,000, far below expectations.

Earlier this year, the state will adjust the redemption limit from 6,000 yuan to 18,000 yuan, but the news of the car to see enterprises are still not ideal. CEOs of enterprises, a car, the current maximum redemption amount of micro-off 5,000 yuan, while rural markets and other requirements of the micro-car quality is not high, the van will be used later to repair the used cars sold, the general price more than 8000 yuan and sell used cars buy a new car than the redemption to be relatively more subsidies, so voucher subsidy efforts are insufficient.

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In addition, the "car to the countryside" subsidy policy enforcement to be strengthened. Although early last year, clearly a "car to the countryside," launched early in March, but because of the rural market, the lack of effective media campaigns, some car manufacturers to promote the countryside, the local business sector was actually a "fake", that the vendor is doing false advertising, promotional materials, while in the confiscation, but also punish manufacturers. Since then, due to subsidies to May before they gradually began, 8,9 months full swing until the end of the year to reach orgasm. In this process, the car of the rural consumers, due to delays not get subsidies, in turn, manufacturers of complaints, opinions more. In this year, although the January to clear the "car to the countryside," will continue, but the 2,3-primary sector in some of the subsidies that there is no notice, manufacturers have to guarantee and commitment by consumers to resolve concerns.

Reporter that car to the countryside, is a systems engineering, it is necessary to further improve the publicity vehicle manufacturers, the higher the cost to deliver to rural consumers vehicle also needs to further good government policy solicitous, and policies to the letter.

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